The Dos and Don‘ts of Talking About Botox

Just hearing the word Botox or Cosmetic Injections probably conjures an image based on your perception of women who’ve had cosmetic procedures. What is that image? Before you answer, my first “Don’t” is…

Aging and Botox

Don’t Judge:
Women have it hard enough without friends and family whispering, “does she or doesn’t she.”

I’m finding women putting themselves into two different and sometimes divisive camps. Those who have decided to grow older naturally and look down their nose at the vain creatures who don’t join their camp. The flip-side is those who embrace cosmetic procedures and talk about how old their friends look who don’t share their love of needles.

If you find yourself beginning a phrase with “Well, at least I don’t ______ (insert dubious activity you frown upon) just stop right there and bite your tongue.

I have no problem telling someone what serum or cream they should be using, after all it’s my job. I’m frequently asked what I think of various skincare lines and procedures. However the question I’m asked the most has really surprised me.

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked, “Do I need Botox?” Well I wouldn’t exactly be living in the lap of luxury but I’d have enough nickels to buy some Botox.

If I say yes, what am I telling this person? I never want someone to feel I’m suggesting they need plastic surgery or injections. I want them to make the most informed decision that they can. I would love if every woman felt comfortable enough in her own skin that this wasn’t even an issue, myself included. If women never knew the pressure of living in a looks based society wouldn’t life be grand?

On aging well and Botox

Do Tell The Truth!

I feel it’s misleading to sell skincare and give someone the impression that “all you need for skin like mine is to use this product.” While skincare plays a huge role in keeping my skin looking its best, so does the fact that I’ve done very minimal amounts of Botox between my brows, among other procedures. When I say minimal amounts I’m talking twice a year. My doctor is not retiring soon on my account.  I started at the young age of 45, I was anti-Botox at the time and swore I’d never do it.

I’ve learned to never say never! If you are anti-injections I hope you will reserve judgement. I didn’t come at this decision lightly, in fact I felt like a hypocrite. I don’t know if I’ll continue with it forever but I’m currently enjoying hiding my angry scowl.

If you are an esthetician, work in the beauty industry, or are a celebrity doing a sponsored ad, you have a responsibility to be completely honest about what your product does and doesn’t do.

I’m sorry but Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have that skin because she uses Aveeno, but she does come clean and share her love of lasers and such. When Jennifer Lopez launches her skincare line, you can bet that it is not the reason for her ‘JLo Glow!’

Once a client has decided to go ahead with injectables, my next point is crucial!

Don’t Be Frugal Here.

This is absolutely no time to go cheap and for the love of donuts do not go the Groupon route for injections.

I would encourage you not to go that route for any spa treatments, but that’s a conversation for another day. This is your face we are talking about! You want the ‘best of the best’ facial artist to wield that needle over your face. You wouldn’t believe how many injectors are using black market or expired product, why do you think it’s so cheap!

Here is the dilemma for many women. How do I find the best doctor? It’s not like asking a friend or stranger, “who does your hair?’ We still have this stigma about injections, so much that women feel the need to lie about receiving them.

 Ladies lets quit judging each other over these minor details. And if you have found an amazing doctor share that secret!

Do Your Research.

Find a good Botox injector.
You owe it to your face to do your due diligence here!

I’ll tell you who you don’t go to, the doctor with the slick ads known for boob jobs or butt lifts.

I recommend finding a facial plastic surgeon.  I found out who the best doctors in my area are by finding out where the ‘Who’s Who of Society’ go. Sometimes your esthetician can be a good source, also of who not to go to since we’ve seen the Good, Bad, and Botched.

A reputable doctor’s office will take pictures of you from various angles so that your treatment can be as individual as you are. You don’t want someone that delivers the cookie cutter duck lips to all their clients.

Two things to look for especially are that they’re board certified and that they have hospital privileges.

Side Note: I know there are lovely, talented injectors who are not doctors. This is just my opinion for a point of reference for those who are seeking first time injections or consultations.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited US

Do Ask to See Their Work.

Now that you’ve found your doctor, get a consultation. You will be shown pictures of the doctor’s work on actual clients. Make sure you feel completely comfortable to put your face in this person’s hands. A good doctor can be the difference between looking refreshed or having a droopy eye.

My doctor was honest enough to say my eyelids were too heavy to get botox on my forehead where I had previously had someone tell me they could give me a “botox brow lift.”

Now remember when I said this is not the time to be cheap? Most of your better plastic surgeons do not offer syringes at “buy one get one free.” You are paying top price because you are paying for the skill level.

Dos and don'ts of botox.

Do What is Best For You!

Whatever you decide about cosmetic procedures make the best decision for you and you alone. And ladies, let’s go easy on each other.

We are all coming to terms with aging in relation to our different upbringings that have shaped who we are, please show some grace to those who do Botox and those who don’t!

8 thoughts on “The Dos and Don‘ts of Talking About Botox”

  1. What a great way to start. I find it so much easier to trust the opinion of those who are honest and open. I love the point you made about Jennifer Aniston. I cannot stand those olay anti ageing ads when I know very well that these creams are not that effective. Looking foreard to your other posts.

  2. Great post! I am almost 57 and while I have not had any cosmetic procedure yet, I will never say never, ruling it out. Right now, I am ok with how my face is aging but if the time comes when I’m not happy, and there is a procedure that will “fix the problem” I will certainly take advantage of it if it is in my budget to do so😊💛

  3. Great post. I love that you spell out the dangers of some cheap botox treatments and that you know what you are talking about. I really understand that botox is great for deep furrows in the forehead. When I was small I noticed my mother who was in her late 20s had deep frown lines. So I vowed then and there, not to frown- so I didn’t. It is only now at 71 that I have faint frown lines. So you can see I was VAIN from an early age and did a conscious version of botox. I would be very interested in the kinds of creams you would recommend for my face. AND do you know any neck treatments? Please direct me to where I can consult with you.

  4. I love to hear the different aspect, because we all are so different. My good friend is an anesthetic, and she feels the pressure because she’s in the industry!!!
    I’m hoping my mom’s great genes run in my blood too! She’s the 80+ model on my blog, and although she does have wrinkles (who doesn’t), she looks amazing!!!

    • Wow Jodie, your mom looks fantastic! Yes, genetics play a big part of how you age so you definitely have that on your side. Thank you so much for visiting here and I’m looking forward to visiting more of your blog!


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