Midlife Finance Talk

“Someday My Prince Will Come”

Did you grow up thinking there would always be someone to take care of you? Even though I’m the biggest Disney nerd, a steady diet of ‘the prince will always come save the princess’ might’ve skewed my desire to be independent. If your future causes a little anxiety, don’t despair….but we have work to do.

As we get older, some of us realize a little late in the game that we should’ve done more to secure our finances when we were younger. For some reason, women don’t like to talk about money. But this current midlife generation is speaking up about topics that our predecessors didn’t think appropriate. For those of us that made the sacrifice of being stay at home moms only to realize, “I didn’t put away for retirement,’ its a sobering thought.

Divorce or death of a spouse can leave us in a bind. Business partnerships can fall apart, we live in times of uncertainty. Even if you have your finances in order, it’s always wise to know what’s going on rather than blindly trust a financial advisor.

Maybe you didn’t have children but economic downturns wiped out your retirement. Whatever the situation, I’ve found that many of my midlife peers are worried about having enough for retirement. Some of you might’ve been lucky enough to be taught to invest at a young age, but that wasn’t the norm. My grandfather was a stock broker but never talked about stocks to me and my sisters. He was of the generation that only did business with men. Ironically, the man who handled his finances dwindled down his stock holdings dramatically before my grandfather died.

I spent last year really digging deep into this subject. I’m certainly no expert but I did find some tools that were helpful. I’m not going to give financial advice but I highly recommend reading the following books.

Let me just say, we need to talk about money openly. We need to not be ashamed to say that we want to make more money and we need to not judge other women that are hustling to make money! By the way, I am unashamed to say that I use affiliate links on this blog because running this website isn’t free. I’m also unashamed to say that we need to do a better job supporting our friends in business. If you know someone in real life, or in the blogging world that has helped you with information, ideas, and the like, support them as best as you can.

Ladies, if you’ve ever had a thought of doing something outside your comfort zone that would bring you income, please do it now. If you’ve had your head in the sand and let your significant other handle everything, get informed. Our time here is fleeting and nobody is coming to save us!

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