DIY Hair Removal Tools Worth Your While

Facial hair removal is an important subject since women of all ages can struggle with unwanted hair growth. As we near midlife facial hair becomes serious business! If you’re like me, your skin is maturing and too fragile for waxing, you need to be resourceful in keeping peach fuzz at bay. 

I hope you’ll bypass all the DIY hair removal tips floating around the internet, especially any that involve putting lemon juice on your skin! You can still do it yourself but skip playing mixologist in your kitchen and use a tool please.

How to Remove Facial Hair

By now you’ve heard about women dermaplaning or shaving their faces. No doubt you’ve seen tools on the market geared toward at home “dermaplaning.” Maybe you have a friend who “shaves” her face but that thought terrifies you?

Contrary to old myths, this won’t cause hair to grow in darker or thicker. Hormones are what causes changes to hair growth.

True dermaplaning or epidermal leveling involves a mini scalpel to remove the outer layer of skin cells. It’s not as scary as it may sound but this is not something you would DIY at home. This is definitely a treatment that needs to be performed by a licensed professional.

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment with the side benefit of removing the vellus facial hair. To be honest this is way too expensive if you are just wanting hair removal. I highly recommend it over microdermabrasion for exfoliating though and you can read why here 5 Skincare Items To Avoid For Mature Skin.

So how can you get similar hair removal results at home if you don’t want to pay from $70-$200 for this treatment? Sidenote- I think $200 for dermaplaning is outrageous.

Any device that promises the same results as dermaplaning is not exactly true, as you can see by the photo of an actual dermaplane blade.

Let’s examine the most well known at home devices. The tinkle razor, Dermaflash, a personal trimmer, and your good old-fashioned garden variety razor.

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Tinkle vs. Razor

Tinkle razors are inexpensive and though they look cheap and gimmicky they do work. They’re not my favorite, I would use a razor instead but that’s a personal preference. The Tinkle might appeal to you because they are cute and colorful and the price is right. I just don’t care for the way they glide, or actually don’t glide, across the face. It’s a good introductory option for beginners in the face shaving world.

If you use a razor you need a dedicated razor just for your face. This is not one you’d share with your bikini area or underarms. You can keep it clean with a soak in rubbing alcohol. Do be careful around the nose, lips and bony areas.

Some of you will think your hair has grown in thicker or that you have ‘stubble’ the first time you do this. It is not any thicker, it’s just such a blunt cut compared to waxing. It takes some getting used to but in time you won’t even notice. Trust me my hubby would let me know if it felt like I had a beard.

Facial Hair Removal
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Dermaflash vs. Personal Trimmer

I’m sure the Dermaflash is a perfectly lovely tool. I have looked at it but I have never used it. Why? Because I’m not about to fork over almost $200 for a hair removal device.

First, as an esthetician I can dermaplane myself. If I don’t have time for getting up close and personal with a mini scalpel, a personal trimmer does the maintenance work very well.

 A word to the wise: be extra careful around your hairline and eyebrows. Ask me how I know this!

A personal trimmer is anywhere from $12-$20 and will work just as well as the Dermaflash for hair removal. Even better, you can steal one from your hubby, sanitized of course! This is the one I use. 

If you’d like something more feminine, this would work as well.

Whatever you choose, watch out for those chin hairs. I can’t tell you how many times a client has come in with one about an inch long!

Young ladies, or friends with good eyesight, you have a duty to the older generation with failing eyesight to let us know when we’ve overlooked this matter! This is also the only time I recommend using a magnifying mirror!

Sidenote: All of these options work well for light colored “peach fuzz” not so much on course dark hair. If you are dealing with courser hair you can look into laser hair removal. If it is just a few rogue strays you can tweeze those first and then use one of my recommended favorites. 

What is your favorite way to remove facial hair? Are you a DIY hair removal pro?

13 thoughts on “DIY Hair Removal Tools Worth Your While”

  1. I so want to get this done but am scared it might break me out or something… which method or device would you recommend for sensitive skin? Thank you for this post! ❤️

    • The biggest reason for breaking out after dermaplaning is most people want to reach up and touch their face. It should be safe for sensitive skin if its done gently. You might try the trimmer at home first and see if that’s enough for you. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I have darker course hair, and I wax and pluck which still doesn’t get every hair! Its very annoying and I am afraid to shave because of razor bumps!

    • With darker hair, laser hair removal is a good option. You are wise to avoid the shaving methods with course hair. As long as your skin is resilient and not too fragile, waxing is a good option for courser hair. Hope that helps, I know facial hair can be very frustrating.

      • Hi, you dissuggest it not because shaving would make hair go thicker as that’s a myth, but just that it feels blunt and bristly unless shaving the stubble as soon as it appears?
        Curious also how hair hangs there at a length once it reaches it, then when it gets cut it grows back to that length again 8).

          • Hi, thanks for your reply, I didn’t notice it!
            yeah, might sound ironic or a trivia but it’s interesting, indeed imho, or at least fascinating. Yeah, the full length limit is genetically programmed different for any vaious zones of our body, cool, but not as surprising if such length has be reached for the “first time”, not actually first as all hair we have, evolved from what used to be just vellus “fuzz” at birth or even before (:, which gradually evolved to terminal, longer and thicker hair, of course to various extent depending on individual and theirs relative zones, predisposition from soft and vellus like to very abundant and visible which sometimes we might not want.
            My main point, was though that we all may notice, before shaving a new zone of the body for the first time, hair is already fully grown and resting at it’s given length and hairs have no need or space to grow further beyond that. Then after we shave, after some days we notice most hair growing back as it now needs and “wants” to grow back to reach back to that length, then stop again, which we can notice if we happened to stop shaving ^_^.

            So maybe although the hair is not alive, the follicle, which is sensitive might sort of know if some length has been cut off, as hair might vibrate differently. We should mind that although infinitely less sensitive and much simpler they work like a cat whisker, to a lesser scale, can heighten tactile sensations, which is also why it imho feels strange the first time we shave a zone, lol.
            Thanks for listening and sorry for the length, but I had to share it ;).

  3. I laughed so hard about the chin hair! I have two that are so frustrating! I always use tweezers to remove them and check on them non stop!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed that, Jennifer. I see it so often that I’m very conscious of it. I get a crazy long hair on my forehead that I have to stay on top of…I’m sure the chin is next! XOXO

  4. I’ve been getting facial hair threaded lately. What do you think of that?? I looked at Dermaflash, but you’re right, crazy pricey! My IG handle is canuckbeauty for your giveaway 😘

    • Hi Christie! I tend to forget about threading as it’s more non-traditional and harder to find in some areas. It is definitely a great option as long as it works for you. Thanks for stopping by and giveaway points are noted. XOXO

  5. I honestly loved reading about these different methods!! As the years continue I have been noticing more and more dark hair invading and I am always looking for some affordable, yet effective hair removal methods!


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