How To Repurpose Beauty Products

Isn’t it disappointing when you buy cosmetics only to find they don’t work for you? Before you toss that makeup that’s too dark for you, or skincare that broke out your face, you might still get some use out of them. Maybe you just want to burn through …

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Summer Finds at Target

I’ve been on a low buy this year so I’ve been avoiding the two places that are my money sucking black holes…Target and Costco. I ventured back to Target after avoiding it for months and they’ve changed! Target has stepped up their game in healthy food (so happy …

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Age Appropriate Women

Think back to your childhood and try to remember what midlife women were like in real life and the media? As children we were ingrained with beliefs about the way the world works that shape our ideas today. Specifically we learned about a woman’s role in society. Whether …

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