Best Treatments For Under Eye Concerns

Best Under Eye Treatments
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If eyes are the window to the soul, I’m afraid people might get the wrong impression about me. I have a hollowness under my eyes that makes me look perpetually tired.

I got the double whammy by inheriting hooded dragon lids. Add in the aging process with all the under eye wrinkles and crinkles…..well you see where this is going.

There are some flaws that I’ve come to accept and embrace as quirky. The large bump on my once cute nose and my crooked smile I’ve decided to say give me character.

For some reason I can’t make peace with my eyelids. Maybe it’s because I used to enjoy wielding my eyeshadow brushes like I was the next Monet.

It’s no fun seeing all these amazing eyeshadow palettes debut knowing I’ll never be able to use all that shimmer. So I have to be content with The Basics.

What can be done about aging eyes? If you search “Best Eye Treatments,” I’m afraid there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

Let me give you the good, the bad, and the true.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

I’ve got good news and bad news. The news you don’t want to hear is that if your dark undereye circles are hereditary there’s really not much you can do safely for permanent change.

Might as well learn to embrace them or find concealers that work wonders. Look for products with light-reflecting pigments. Here are my favorite concealers for mature skin. Best Concealers For Mature Skin

In my research, doctors seem to be divided on treatment. Some will recommend low dose lightening products while others feel the delicate eye skin is too fragile for these. My gut instinct is that the skin under the eye is very thin and aggressive lighteners are too strong for this area so I would err on the side of conservative doctors.

If your under eyes are not darker due to an inherited trait, chances are you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Some darkness is caused by loss of volume. Whether hereditary, age, or weight loss related, a sunken appearance under the eye is a concern shared by many.

The bad news is there’s no topical product that will restore volume under the eye. The good news is filler works wonders here. If you are considering this type of treatment, please read  The Dos and Don‘ts of Talking About Botox as the same rules apply whether it’s botox or filler.

Wrinkles, Crinkles, and Crepey Eyes
Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

If your eyes are beginning to resemble crepe paper it is time to look into retinol serums. You can find a dedicated eye serum although some women have had great results using their regular retinol serum around the eyes. Invest in the best eye serum you can get.

If you have sensitive eyes you should check the ingredient list to see if you find any known irritants. I would not use prescription strength Retin A on the eyelids or directly under the eye.

Be aware that retinol can take at least 12 weeks to see true results. I always tell my clients, “we didn’t get this way overnight and it’s not going away overnight.”

Find an eye cream that you love and use it nightly on top of the retinol. Read more recommendations at Best Skincare and Makeup for Mature Eyes.

Puffy Eyes

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If your eyes are puffy in the morning try these old school tricks.

-Avoid laying flat.

Add an extra pillow while sleeping or elevate your head. This will reduce the chances of lymphatic fluid from pooling up around your face which causes you to look extra puffy when you wake up.

-Self Lymphatic Drainage

You can easily find some self lymphatic drainage techniques on YouTube. This is also helpful if you have sinus issues. Gua Sha can be effective for draining lymphatic fluid.

Treatments For Puffy Eyes

-DIY cryotherapy

Remember hearing about the old spoon in the freezer trick. You can also use many things that are smooth and cold…use common sense. This works best for temporary puffiness due to crying or allergies.

Be careful with DIY tricks especially when it comes to the delicate eye area. There are some tea bags and food items that would be uncomfortable to get in the eye.

If none of these work and you have bulges under the eye 24/7 you most likely have fat pads that would need the skill of a physician to redistribute.

So the next time you are tempted to search for “Best Eye Treatments” take them with a grain of salt, but more importantly with a heaping amount of truth.

6 thoughts on “Best Treatments For Under Eye Concerns”

  1. My intention has been to pick up an eye product with retinol. Dr. Dennis Gross has a nice serum and I’m actually curious to try a product from Roc since it is less expensive and it would be nice to try a drugstore option for a review.

  2. Which retinol eye cream would you recommend? I tried Olay Pro Retinol (only under eyes) but my skin became raw/sensitive feeling so I stopped using it. I have heard about Dr Dennis Gross but afraid to try since Olay issues.

    • Hi Jaana,

      I’m wondering how often you were using the product. Since that is an over the counter cream I would not think it would be very strong, however you might be extra sensitive to retinol. In the future I would start slowly, maybe 3 nights per week and see if that helps. I haven’t used any retinol creams but I’ve heard good things about Dr. Dennis Gross and ROC retinol products. Hope that helps.

  3. I have been using Mary Kay products for probably 25 years and my skin is amazing to be almost 74. They have a Timewise Repair System for the 50+ woman that is wonderful. It includes a retinol night cream and an eye cream with applicator. It is a bit pricey for the whole set, but well worth it. Check out a consultant near you for more info. This isn’t a commercial, just what has worked for me. I also take six Collagen tablets a day.


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