5 Skincare Items To Avoid For Mature Skin

Items to Avoid for Mature Skin
As we age it’s common to become drier than usual. Even women who used to have oily skin can end up feeling like the Sahara.
Your skin will also thin by about 6% every 10 years. As we age we need to frequently assess our skincare needs. What worked 5 years ago may not be best today.
It wouldn’t be uncommon to change your whole routine every decade.
Here are five skincare items to avoid if you have any of the following: thin skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or visible capillaries. Also use caution with these if you are using Retin-A.


1. A Foaming cleanser

As mentioned many women struggle with drier skin after a certain age. Since we want to keep as much of our natural oils on our skin as possible I recommend a creamy, milky, or balm like cleanser.
Most foaming cleansers strip the skin of those precious oils and leave you with a squeaky clean tight feeling. This is not how your skin should feel after cleansing.
Your skin should feel clean yet soft. You can double cleanse if you want to be sure it’s really clean. Here are my thoughts on what to spend on a cleanser. Skincare: When To Splurge And When To Save


2. Cleansing brushes 

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Cleansing brushes are loathed by many estheticians because we’ve seen the damage they have caused by misuse.
Personally I don’t use them and never recommend them to women my age. A better alternative is a silicone cleansing tool such as Foreo.

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Silicone is non porous so it won’t harbor bacteria like a brush can. Also its more cost effective as you never need to replace any parts. It comes in several sizes but I highly recommend the Pro model if that fits in your budget.
Most importantly its much gentler on skin that is becoming more fragile with age. I’ve seen too many damaged skin barriers caused by over scrubbing with brushes.



3. Scrubs

I’m not a fan of scrubs for similar reasons as a cleansing brush. Again some skin is too fragile for manual exfoliation and some scrubs do more harm than good.
Scrubs that feels rough and jagged are horrible for the skin. On the flip side, if a scrub has perfectly round particles so as not to cause tearing to the skin it isn’t the most effective exfoliation.
You would be better off using enzymes or acids for exfoliating. Don’t be afraid of the word acid, most are derived from natural ingredients like sugar, milk, and fruit.


4. Microdermabrasion

I would stay away from this exfoliating treatment if you are concerned about capillaries presenting on the face. Also not recommended for sensitive skin, rosacea, thin or fragile skin. This professional treatment is way too abrasive for these types of skin.


5. Powder

Best products for mature skin
One of the worst makeup sins for women over 40 is to use powder the same way you did when you were 20. If you must, just a light dusting over the T Zone.
I know this is not technically skincare but it’s important to use, or not use, wisely.
Stay away from pressed powders and mineral powder foundations as these will exaggerate lines and dryness. The look you want is youthful and dewy, powder won’t give you either.
One of my favorite powders for a light dusting in summer months is Make Up For Ever HD Powder. This is an award winning, light diffusing, pore minimizing miracle worker. A little goes a long way too so its a great value.
A recent favorite that I purchased is Kevin Aucoin The Neo Setting Powder. This is an amazing triple milled powder that is like 3 products in one. You can use one end as a setting powder and the other as a highlighter.
Whatever you choose use a light hand and a sweep of a brush instead of pressing with a compact.
I’ll share soon what treatments and products are best for mature skin. For now steer clear of any abrasive, drying products and embrace your dewy glow. 

8 thoughts on “5 Skincare Items To Avoid For Mature Skin”

    • Thank you, Angie!
      To be honest, I’m a lot lazier with my makeup than I am with my skincare. I’m probably shiny more often than not. If I know I’ll be taking pictures or going somewhere special I might use a primer that gives a matte finish under my makeup and then top with a light dusting of powder.

      Hope that helps,

  1. I’m happy to report that I follow all of these rules except one…I do use a Clarisonic as a second cleanse (with a cream cleanser) but I make sure a just barely let it glide over my skin.

    Oh…and thank you for giving me the encouragement to go ahead and purchase that Kevyn Aucoin setting powder I have had in my cart for a little while 😁

    Great post!👍👍💛

    • Angel,
      Thank you! I’m glad you are using your brush gently. Too many women think “more is more.”

      I’m so happy that I am now an enabler! Let me know what you think….also the Neo-Limelight Ibiza highlighter is gorgeous too…just saying!


  2. This is excellent advice! I was feeling guilty that I tossed my Clairsonic to the bottom of the bathroom cabinet; it was breaking me out. Acids are way more effective for my skin. Can’t wait to read more from you!!

    • Thank you, Elle Jane! Don’t feel guilty, you can always use it on the arms and legs, they can take a little more than our faces. I love acids too. I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to you coming back! XOXO


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