4 Essential Winter Skincare Tips

The Holidays are over but cold weather remains. If your skin has taken a beating from indulging or extreme temperature changes then these tips are for you.
Despite obvious suggestions thrown around, like using humidifiers and staying hydrated, these winter skincare tips might be new to you. Steer clear of dermatologists recommending washing with Dove soap or plain water.

1. Don’t Over Exfoliate

Essential Winter Skincare Tips
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Winter is an excellent time to work on lightening pigmentation. It’s not a good time to do aggressive peels or laser. Some might schedule these procedures thinking it’s better to do it now than in summer when the sun is harsher but if you live in a cold climate you do not want to expose your peeling skin to the elements. Wait for milder temperatures.

Contrary to what I’ve seen all over the internet, this is not a great time to exfoliate often. If you are in an area where temperatures are at or below freezing it’s imperative to keep your natural barrier intact.

A gentle enzyme occasionally is fine but go easy on the more active exfoliation. If you live in an area with mild winter weather you have a little more room to play. Don’t forget to gently exfoliate your lips as long as your skin is intact. You never want to exfoliate irritated skin.

2. Drinking More Water Isn’t Enough

When it’s cold out we tend to love a hot drink in our hands so adding healthy tea is great for you, just not sugary sweet Starbucks concoctions. It’s a good time to up your intake of healthy fats too with seeds, nuts, high quality healthy oils, and avocado. Add a little pat of grass-fed butter or almond butter to your oatmeal in the mornings or whatever dish it makes sense to.

Eating seasonally is also beneficial for the skin and body with offerings like sweet potato, pomegranate, citrus, and dark greens.

I’ve had great results with adding Collagen Peptides to my daily routine. I know there still isn’t conclusive evidence that they work but I do feel I’ve seen a difference. Consuming bone broth rich soup is great for your health and skin too, not to mention it’s comforting.

3. Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

Winter weather tips for skin.

The goal is to keep your precious skin from getting wind chapped or having the life sucked out of it from freezing temps and central heating.

Here are a couple of my favorite prevention tips:

  1. Keep a scarf handy at all times, if you aren’t ashamed and the winter is brutal you can make a ski mask fashionable, just take it off before entering a bank. Having something to cover your skin is essential. Just like you wear gloves in extreme weather, treat your face the same way.
  2. Try getting used to using less heat whether it’s in your car, home or the water in your shower.
  3. Nowhere is prevention more important than on your lips. Once they chap it’s extremely difficult to heal them during cold weather. Find your BFF lip product and never leave home without it. Another lip tip: if you wear lipstick daily make sure to cleanse the lip area at night to remove residual wax. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean there aren’t particles left behind.
  4. Ditch the foaming cleansers for face and body, think milky, creamy, or even an oil cleanser. This way you preserve your natural oils.
Keep your lips protected during winter weather

4. Use The Heaviest Products Your Skin Will Allow

If you’ve ever wanted a maximalist routine, now is the time to layer that skincare.

You can sandwich a facial oil between a serum and moisturizer, or add a few drops of oil to make your existing moisturizer richer. I would also use the most hydrating serums I could find.

If the area you live in resembles the frozen tundra you need more than just an everyday moisturizer. You want something that pretty much feels occlusive. Here is a list of occlusive ingredients to look for, and there’s no need to be afraid of them.

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Contrary to the fear mongering that goes on, none of these have been found to cause cancer, but they can prevent chapped skin! I love what Dr. Whitney Bowe says  you don’t have to be scared of  mineral oil but you can find better alternatives.

For an in depth look at taking care of your skin, I also recommend reading Dirty Looks: The Secret to Beautiful Skin

If you would like some personalized recommendations for your specific skin and region, don’t hesitate to contact me through email at pam@thebeautyconservator.com

Cheers to staying hydrated and keeping your skin safe through the winter weather! If I missed your favorite tip, let me know in the comments.

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    • Thank you, Melissa! I’ve seen great results with ingesting collagen. You are correct, over exfoliating is one of the biggest mistakes. Thank you for stopping by! XOXO

  1. I couldn’t agree more that in winter keeping your skin barrier intact is paramount. Nothing worse then having compromised skin and ice cold wind blowing on it.

    And thanks for the reminder at cleansing your lips too, I have a tendency to forget that step.


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