How To Repurpose Beauty Products

Isn’t it disappointing when you buy cosmetics only to find they don’t work for you? Before you toss that makeup that’s too dark for you, or skincare that broke out your face, you might still get some use out of them. Maybe you just want to burn through a product so you can justify buying something new!

While repurposing a strong retinol from face to hands and arms, or moisturizers from face to body is a no brainer, some of these tips might be new to you.

New uses for beauty products.

Facial Oil Uses

A facial oil that doesn’t work out for your skin can still have useful functions.

-My favorite use for facial oil is as a scalp treatment, especially when my scalp is dry. I massage oil onto my scalp, sometimes lightly down to the ends and throw my hair in a bun, then shampoo in the morning.

-If you have frizzy hair or flyaways, just smoothing a tiny amount on your hair will tame the frizz.

-You can use a small amount to press onto cheeks and forehead for a non-shimmery glow. This is only if the oil wasn’t breaking you out in the first place.

My favorite oil to use for all these functions, and it works beautifully on my face, is Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Oil. Its an excellent partner for my gua sha routine.

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Bronzer Uses

-I bought an Hourglass bronzer that is never-ending. I once forgot to pack my self tanner and needed some color on my legs so I mixed the bronzer with a moisturizer and “Voilá,” I made by own body bronzer. This could be mixed with an oil for a shimmery body oil.

-Some bronzers might be the wrong shade for your face but can work well as an eyeshadow or blush.

-If your hair is thinning and you are seeing more of your scalp than you’d like, you can brush a little bronzer onto your scalp to create the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

Cleanser Uses

-I love using facial cleansers to clean my makeup brushes and sponges. They are usually gentler than commercial cleaners. Of course they make great body washes too.

Repurposing Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Uses

-Obviously shimmer shadows can double as a highlighter. Dark shadows can be wet with a flat angled brush and used for eyeliner. I once bought the St-Paul-De-Vence duo from NARS and hated it on my eyes. I found it’s stunning as blush and contour. Be creative with seldom used shadows and have some fun.

-If you have a shimmer eyeshadow that you can’t use on your eyes, they can be mixed with a lip balm or gloss to add some shine.

Toner Uses

-A toner that doesn’t suit your skin might make a great scalp detox. Sometimes our scalp is oilier or dryer than the skin on our face.

-It might seem wasteful but I’ve ended up using some toners as a room or pillow spray.

-If you got too much self tanner on knees and elbows, swiping toner on them can help lift the color from your skin.

If you need help with foundation, check here.

I’d love to hear about your creative repurposing adventures. Share your tips in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “How To Repurpose Beauty Products”

  1. These are the best tips! I love this! I never thought of so many of these, especially the bronzer with lotion! My shelves are truly overflowing with samples and gifts, etc. I do a boxing up every few months and send it to my aunts or cousins who love skincare and makeup. They LOVE it! Definitely sharing this on Pinterest- such great tips!
    ~Melissa xx

  2. This is So brilliant. I’ve only just started trying to repurpose things this way. I had a lip stain that didn’t stay on my lips like I wanted it to. Considering it was expensive, I use it now as a blush!!

  3. Thank you so much for these awesome ideas! I got a gift set that had toner and face wash that I didn’t know what I was going to do with!


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