How To Beat The Heat In Miami: Miami Spa Month

Beat The Heat In Miami
Rooftop at Carillon Miami.

It’s no secret I don’t love hot weather, let’s just say when Florida showed up on my calendar I wasn’t jumping for joy.

I have to say I recently returned from a trip to Miami and I had the best time!

As an esthetician I was super excited to see that it’s Miami Spa Month from July 1-August 31st.

What better way to beat scorching Miami heat than staying indoors and getting pampered.

We should have Spa Months in every city!

Every year during Miami Spa Month, you can get some amazing deals on massages and facials from some fancy pants spas like the St. Regis, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton, and the Four Seasons just to name a few. 

 -My first suggestion to beat the heat is to stay indoors with a spa treatment.

I wish I could’ve experienced all the deals but I had limited time. I chose a massage at Carillon Miami.

The massage itself was amazing, plus I was able to spend hours using the facilities before and after during the hottest part of the day. The property as a whole is beautiful with an ocean view rooftop pool and lovely grounds, but it was too hot for this girl to spend time at the pool. I snapped my pictures and quickly went back inside!

I spent quite a bit of time going back and forth between the Igloo Room and the Herbal Laconium Steam Room. The Igloo was a unique experience with cool mists in Icy Mint or Menthol varieties. One of my favorite parts of the pre-treatment were the Thermal Heated Loungers. I could’ve napped there all day!

Next time I’m back in Miami, I’m going to try the Fountain of Youth experiences at the Biltmore Hotel Spa. How can you go wrong with a name like that!

Wynwood Walls Miami-My Secondary Tip is to visit Wynwood Walls.

It helps to have a local friend that drives you around the Wynwood area to get the lay of the land. This way you can see more of the unique artwork without getting bogged down with boob sweat or heatstroke.

This area is so unique I can’t say that one street is better than another so just go exploring.

Cool Off In Miami During Spa Month

I can say where to find one of the best Happy Hour deals.GKB had some amazing Peruvian food and a decent wine list. Don’t miss the Short Rib Steamed Buns or the Peruvian Ceviche!

I’m not a tequila fan but my friend raved about the Peruvian Margarita as a perfect way to cool off. To view the entire menu:

Make sure you have plenty of SPF, a wide brimmed hat or a parasol to protect you from that intense sun.

One of my favorite discoveries in the Wynwood area was Cielito Artisan Pops. These are not your typical popsicles, they are works of art with high quality ingredients. Anytime I’m going to make a sugar splurge it needs to be special and these definitely tick that box.

I love the unique flavors they offer and they make doggy pops! I tried Key Lime Pie, Guava, Mascarpone-blueberry and they were all amazing.

If you’ve been a friend for long you know I typically avoid sugar and I’ve explained why sugar is not your friend. Simple Habits For Glowing Skin 

Obviously when it’s blazing hot you can make an exception for gourmet popsicles or margaritas! You do need to live a little!

So my list for beating the Miami heat is short and sweet, literally. Basically instead of eat, drink, and be merry…I say eat, drink, and get a massage!

Did I miss your favorite Miami spot? Let me know if you have suggestions for my next visit!

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