Disturbing Trends In The Beauty Industry

Laser TighteningLately I’m bombarded with ads marketed to women concerning body aesthetics. For years we’ve had waxing, liposuction, lasers and such. More recently we’ve seen Vaginal Rejuvenation, O Shots, Butt Injections, Vagacials, Vaginal Steaming, and similar offerings.

I’m aware that some of you reading this will automatically become defensive if you enjoy any of these procedures. My point in writing this is not to sound like a judgemental prude but to open up conversation about why and how popular beauty trends came to be.

Also, I’d like us to have our eyes open anytime something new comes along and run it through a lens of “is this truly beneficial for women” or is it another procedure aimed at our waning self confidence and making big profits for the creator.

If, after reading this post you have a different view, I would love to hear it. Just because this is my opinion doesn’t mean you have to share it.

Brazilian Waxing

I suppose I should start with Brazilian waxing. It may be surprising to hear an esthetician say she absolutely hates getting or receiving waxing. For one reason my thin, fragile skin can’t handle even a brow wax.

Now I’m not trying to offend anyone who is a fan of going bare down there, nor to my colleagues who make a living by performing this service. I’m guessing a large percentage of you may be a fan.

I’ve personally never understood why anyone would desire to look like a prepubescent child, but that’s just my opinion and I know I’m in the minority. I’m also aware that I err on the side of being a prude and no longer wear teeny bikinis.

However, if you want to rock that bathing suit and you find laser or waxing helps you, no judgement here.

Merely, I think this goes hand in hand with women being viewed as the sum of their parts and would ask you to examine every beauty ritual you participate in and ask why.

I don’t want to troll too deep in the gutters of the internet, but it seems that many of the fads that become popular in women’s body aesthetics stem from what’s popular in the porn industry. Sorry, I’m not willing to let that industry tell me anything about what is sexy for a woman and neither should you.

You Bleach What???

As I was busy raising children, I sort of checked out of what was going on in certain circles of society. It wasn’t until I went to esthetics school that I heard about people undergoing anal bleaching. I was baffled and a little surprised as to why anyone would be interested in such a procedure.

Umm, excuse me? Are there experts going around inspecting the color of anuses and declaring one superior to the other? How absurd! And seriously, unless you’re a doctor nobody is getting their eyeballs close enough to weigh an opinion on that subject for me!

My young friends quickly brought me up to speed on all things bleach related, that it was equally men and women doing this, and it became popular because of the porn industry. I’m gonna take a pass on this one.

Butt Injections

Speaking of rear ends, I still don’t understand why anyone would undergo a risky procedure that costs thousands of dollars to look like an ant. The Brazilian Butt Lift has the highest mortality rate of all cosmetic procedures!

I can think of some better ways to spend $5000 than having fat transferred into my arse. Which, by the way, is the only substance most doctors recommend using in that area.

I’ve had clients tell me they’ve considered traveling out of the country to have these type of procedures at discounted rates. Ladies, sometimes you get what you pay for. The thought of being away from your home country and having complications from surgery gone awry should worry you.

Seriously, let’s get our butts off the couch (from where you are probably being influenced by reality TV stars) and do some squats. The size of our rear end is what it is, just embrace that fact and start practicing some self love!

Laser tightening

Laser Rejuvenation

When I heard there was a laser that could tighten my falling neck I was overjoyed. The fact that I can have a procedure to circumcise my eyelids and I won’t have to look like a hooded dragon makes me very happy. However, I’m drawing a line with the recent offerings from the world of laser.

Vaginal rejuvenation being offered as the hottest treatment for women. From laser tightening and reconstruction to “ surgery to make you feel like a virgin” and  “hoo haa” lightening products, the possibilities to make women feel inadequate are endless.

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists,“So-called “vaginal rejuvenation,” “designer vaginoplasty,” “revirgination,” and “G-spot amplification” are vaginal surgical procedures being offered by some practitioners. These procedures are not medically indicated and the safety and effectiveness of these procedures have not been documented.”

When I took my laser course it was drilled into us that you did not laser anything “pink or wet.” Why is it suddenly okay to stick a laser up there like a magic wand that will fix all problems!

I’ve been mulling over the implications of why these treatments are deemed necessary.  I’m talking about laser tightening of the vaginal area and “hoo haa” lightening products.

I’m not addressing treatments if you have a legitimate medical concern like a leaking bladder. What bothers me is the multitude of women who are being marketed to and made to feel “less than.”

They may as well advertise, “Hey Loosy Goosy, you need this to be sexier.” Ladies, don’t forget about good old fashioned Kegel exercises before you shell out thousands of dollars.

It’s not enough that we are bombarded with the jumbo sized rear end as being the body shape of the season, or reminding you that you don’t have Golden Ratio lips or dramatic lash extensions. Now we are supposed to wonder if we need laser tightening or if our nether regions are too dark!

When Enough is Enough

Body AestheticsDo you ever wonder if in marketing meetings the question is raised, “what else can we make women feel insecure about?” Or, “how can we turn their fears of not measuring up into millions of dollars for us?” When do we, as women, put our collective feet down and say, “Enough!”

I know one thing I’m not buying into this fear, it’s enough that my neck is falling along with other body parts, I don’t need to worry about another region some slick marketer is trying to tell me I don’t measure up in.

Now, if this sort of thing appeals to you for personal reasons, fine. Just make sure when you decide to do something you are doing it for you!

I’m not sure how to put this delicately, but ladies if someone has made you feel that your “hoo haa” needs lightened, tightened, or landscaped differently, the problem is with them not you.

8 thoughts on “Disturbing Trends In The Beauty Industry”

  1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏. I hate that at some point in the past decade, if you are au natural, then you’re flawed. So much unnecessary maintenance. It’s one thing to get a lift, a tuck, a filler or what not after much consideration… but now my “no-no square” is on the menu. I try to ignore it all, but after a while, it starts to stick with me and I start to feel inferior. It’s so frustrating.

    • Sarah, thank you for introducing me to a new term! 😉
      I agree, as much as you try to ignore the noise some of it seeps in. Here’s hoping we stay strong together!

  2. I loved this post so much. I will definitely continue doing my squats and not paying thousands of dollars to look like an ant. Haha.I recently visited an esthetician to try out sugaring. I got the full hollywood, full legs and underarms.I dont mind waxing my legs and bikini area but I doubt I will ever fully wax my most intimate area again.There is no reason why we as women should go to such lengths to reach some idealistic version of beauty.

    • Thank you, Keziah! I’m right there with you on the squats, this butt isn’t going to lift itself. I’ll admit, I avoid some of these things because of pain and discomfort. When I was in esthetics school and laser school everyone looked so uncomfortable!

  3. Pam, this is a wonderful article. Personally, I never understood the Brazilian wax either. Yes, I like a small amount of grooming, but I demand the same from my partner! John and I recently watched a 1970s horror film, and we kept commenting on the natural breasts. I am not a prude either, but we’re coming to a point where men and women are starting to look like replicated aliens.

    A great read is Simon Doonan’s Eccentric Beauty.

    • Gina, what a spot on and frightening analogy! Not sure when a plastic, uniform look became so mainstream. I’m definitely going to search out that book. Thank you!

  4. I so agree with you about all of these beautifications for neither regions. I did decide to shave it all one time but the growing back was so uncomfortable I would never do it again. I do a little grooming now and that is the end of the subject. lol


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