Creative Ways To Organize Bathroom Clutter

How to keep your bathroom clutter free and organized.

Downsizing from four bedrooms to two was not an easy task. You’d think going from 2 bedrooms to one would be a piece of cake…sadly it’s not. I’m not naturally an organized person but I’ve learned that when my space is neat and tidy I’m in a better mood and feel more creative.

As an esthetician I have an abundance of skincare that can quickly commandeer my bathroom counter. Add in beauty gadgets and hair products while living in a shoebox and it could drive you insane.

Thankfully, I had some extra kitchen and office organizers that quickly reinvented themselves as bathroom clutter corrallers….is that even a word?

Let me introduce you to my sanity savers:

Wire Baskets

This wire basket was from a set at Costco so they’re not too expensive. I think the photo had them pegged as fruit holders, however they are my skincare guardians and hand towel wranglers.

Decluttering Your Bathroom
Wire fruit baskets make great skincare storage.

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If you don’t have access to Costco, or they rudely quit carrying them, I found a great look alike wire basket set on Amazon.

Magazine Holders

Organize Bathroom Clutter

We already know these are great organizers for the office, but you should see how amazing they are for holding hair tools. The streamlined shape makes them ideal for fitting in an under sink cabinet.

I have one from Ikea pictured here.

In just one magazine holder I can fit my hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, and a brush. Of course you can find these inexpensively at any home goods store or office supply, or you can get a ‘fancy’ inexpensive leather one on Amazon.

Makeup Brush Holders

There are so many creative ways to wrangle your brushes. You’ve probably seen empty candle jars used as brush holders all over social media. Everyone and their brother seems to have a Diptyque holder but I’ve always wanted a Lafco…just as soon as I spend $65 on a candle! If you are curious, they are gorgeous.

While these are great, I don’t always feel like cleaning wax out of a jar so I use an old toothbrush holder, sanitized of course!  With the popularity of sonic toothbrushes nobody really uses these anymore but they are widely available.

While we are on the subject of makeup brushes, be sure to clean yours weekly.

Kitchen Canisters

For some reason I prefer a square shape of holder, I feel they look cleaner in multiples. I can usually find more square shapes in kitchen containers than a dedicated bathroom organizer, and they are bigger too. You can use these for just about anything like, ponytail holders, Q-tips, cotton rounds, etc.

If you are looking for a square shape, these glass canisters are super cute.

Office Trays

I have several of these for multiple uses. One is for my makeup, one for headbands, clips, and ponytail holders, and one for odds and ends like tweezers, sample packets, and nail clippers.

I’d love to hear how you manage to contain your clutter. And let me leave you with this thought. While you are creatively organizing your bathroom clutter, be careful what you store over the toilet. The thought of germs traveling airborne onto anything that touches your face, or teeth, is not a pleasant thought!

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