Necessary items for traveling.

After 5 years of frequent business travel, and trial and error, I narrowed down my in flight goals to: not getting sick, catching up on reading and writing, and avoiding the airplane bathroom at all costs. Never able to sleep on a plane, in five years I count …

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Beat The Heat In Miami

It’s no secret I don’t love hot weather, let’s just say when Florida showed up on my calendar I wasn’t jumping for joy. I have to say I recently returned from a trip to Miami and I had the best time! As an esthetician I was super excited …

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Grapefruit Martini

Summertime is not my favorite season. When I lived in Houston, which is like living in a virtual sauna, I loathed and dreaded summer! I know that makes me an oddball but we can still be friends right? Seriously I practically hibernate all summer and come alive in …

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