How to Apply Sunless Tanner

If you’re anywhere near my age, proud GenXer, no doubt you have a vague recollection of the sunless tanning products available in the 80s. I cringe when I think about my orange streaked legs in my teen years. Right up there in the “Worst Products Ever Made” with …

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Body Positivity

Lately I’m bombarded with ads marketed to women concerning body aesthetics. For years we’ve had waxing, liposuction, lasers and such. More recently we’ve seen Vaginal Rejuvenation, O Shots, Butt Injections, Vagacials, Vaginal Steaming, and similar offerings. I’m aware that some of you reading this will automatically become defensive …

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Selfcare ideas for every budget

If you read any health or beauty related media you’ve likely come across buzzwords like: mindfulness, wellness, meditation, etc. Self care is diverse and abundant, even if the word is overused. Whether you are into “vibrating” higher and super spiritual or you find that stuff too “Woo Woo” …

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