Best Skincare and Makeup for Mature Eyes

Are under eye wrinkles and crinkles the area you want to address most?

Do you leave the house feeling content with how you look and around midday catch your reflection in the mirror and see a “mudslide?” Does your concealer separate in little cracks?

This happened more frequently when I hit mid-forties. While we can’t completely stop the skin from completely showing signs of aging, there are a few things you can do about those under eye wrinkles and sagging eyelids. Here are my favorite skincare and eye makeup products for women over 40.

First Things First: Lay The Foundation

Over 40 Skincare Tips

Usually women think they need to find the perfect concealer.  Before we think of painting the canvas, let’s make sure it’s properly prepped first. Before you paint anything, you would make sure the surface was as smooth as possible and this is no different.

The first thing you should do is invest in a retinol eye product. I prefer a serum over a cream as serums have a higher concentration of performance ingredients. Adding a retinol eye serum was a game changer under my eyes.

I’ve noticed improvement in firmness of skin on the upper lid and a smoother appearance under the eyes. Crows feet are pretty minimal too.

The first retinol eye serum I ever tried was Natura Bisse’s Diamond Life Infusion Retinol Eye Serum. Though the price is steep it will forever be the gold standard to which I hold all other serums to.

Mind you, there’s no “eye lift in a bottle” and Nana is still saving her pennies for an eye lift but this is as good as it gets. If you have a hunch that you need more than a product, read this before getting professional treatments. Best Treatments For Under Eye Concerns

You’ll need to be patient as retinol can take 12 weeks or more to really start making a difference. I always tell my clients, “We didn’t get this way overnight and it’s not going away overnight.”

I’m definitely going to try a less expensive serum on the next purchase, most likely it will be Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Eye Serum. The ingredient list is fabulous and the price tag is more palatable! You can research it here:


Painting the Canvas

As happy as I am to report how well retinol worked for minimizing creepiness under my eyes, I was still dealing with the makeup mudslide.

I found that in my attempt to keep that area hydrated, some eye creams are too rich and don’t play nice with makeup. Everyone’s eyes are different in terms of dryness or oiliness so you’ll need to play around until you find your perfect match.

However, there are some amazing makeup products that have great lasting power.

I’ve covered concealer options here: Best Concealers For Mature Skin

The following offenders are the real culprits that tend to travel down the eyes.

MascaraBest Skincare and Makeup Over 40

This is an easy fix. If you like waterproof mascara, boom problem solved

Unfortunately I hate waterproof mascara. I feel like I lose too many lashes when trying to remove it.

Two of my favorite non-waterproof mascaras that have not traveled or flaked are Chanel Le Volume and L’oreal Lash Paradise. You can get L’oreal at any drugstore. Chanel products can be found here.

Of the two, Le Volume is my favorite but $32 every three months is pricey so I switch back and forth to give my wallet a break.

I used to recommend Voluminous by L’oreal but Lash Paradise is like the new and improved version with more volume. 

I’ve read a lot of advice for women over 40 and always shake my head at some of the suggestions. One particular tip was to leave applying mascara to the bottom lashes to a professional makeup artist.

I say if you still feel comfortable wearing makeup on the bottom lashes then go for it. Who gets to make these rules anyway!

Eye Liner

Over 40 Makeup Tips
Straight from the pencil-Trish McEvoy (top) Marc Jacobs (bottom)


Liner is the most important to get right. If it’s not a quick setting liner chances are it’s going to travel. This means you have to get it perfect really quick before it sets.

Trish McEvoy’s Classic Eye Pencil is great because it has my favorite element, the blending sponge tip. These make application so easy. Just remember to wash them often as you would your brushes.


Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon is absolutely fantastic. This one requires a little skill with a flat brush as it will go on way too thick straight from the source. Both of these will always have a place in my makeup stockpile. Find it here:


I’m always looking for new products to try so if you have found a Holy Grail eye serum or an amazing eye makeup product, please share in the comments. 

For products and treatments to avoid for mature skin be sure to read 5 Skincare Items To Avoid For Mature Skin.

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you, I will earn a little wine money. Your purchase can make the difference between box wine and something decent. I appreciate the support as better wine means my creative juices keep flowing and I don’t get a headache.

10 thoughts on “Best Skincare and Makeup for Mature Eyes”

  1. I used tretinoin on my face and know I should use a retinol under my eyes on a regular basis but I don’t know why I haven’t taken this seriously. I have one from Dermalogica that I use about three nights a week.

  2. This is a great post! I always have trouble with eyeliner. But I can’t leave the house without it. Going to try these two out!

    • Thank you, Marissa! I can relate as I still hate to leave the house without makeup too. Let me know how they work out for you and thanks for stopping by! XOXO

  3. I just ran out of Dr Dennis Gross Retinol/Ferulic Eye Serum so I may splurge on the Natura Bisse Serum this time:) I’m also adding a Trish McEvoy liner to the cart😊 thanks for the recs! 💛

    • Angel, I’m curious about the Dr Dennis Gross Eye Serum. The ingredients look good and the price is not as bad as my favorite! I’m so glad you are trying the Trish McEvoy liner, I love it!

  4. Enjoyed reading this post very much, I am yet to embark on the retinol journey on my face & under eye area. I shall be looking into your recommendations. So pleased to read a fav mascara of yours is Le Volume by Chanel – the one product I am not giving up for “cleaner” brands 😉 can’t afford to have panda eyes, can I? Xx

    • Thank you, Adriana! If you’ve never used retinol its a good idea to start off slow and gentle. Yay for Le Volume love….Chanel lovers unite! I’ll never give up my preservatives in my mascara! Thank you for weighing in and please come back soon.

  5. Hi Pam. I use the Mark Jacob eye liner and I love it. I use the DE eye cream at bedtime and the SR for day. I do have to check out a retinol. Those are working for now. I also prefer a serum or a thin consistency to any of my creams or it just doesn’t absorb.

    • Ronni, I’m so glad you enjoy the MJ eyeliner too. Thanks for sharing your current eye cream loves, I’ve been wanting to try the Drunk Elephant one. I find that if an eye cream is very rich it works best if I use a very small amount, like the size of a rice grain to start with. Thanks for the input! XOXO

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