How to remove facial hair

DIY Hair Removal Tools Worth Your While

Facial hair removal is an important subject since women of all ages can struggle with unwanted hair growth. As we near midlife facial hair becomes serious business! If you’re like me, your skin is maturing and too fragile for waxing, you need to be resourceful in keeping peach …

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Over 40 Makeup Tips

Best Skincare and Makeup for Mature Eyes

  Are under eye wrinkles and crinkles the concern you want to address? Ever leave the house feeling content with your makeup and around midday catch your reflection in the mirror and see a “mudslide?” Does your concealer separate in little cracks? This happened frequently when I hit …

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How to Apply Sunless Tanner

How To Apply Sunless Tanner The Right Way

If you’re anywhere near my age, proud GenXer, no doubt you have a vague recollection of the sunless tanning products available in the 80s. I cringe when I think about my orange streaked legs in my teen years. Right up there in the “Worst Products Ever Made” with …

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Why 40 Is Not The New 30 | Ageism in Media

Why 40 Is Not The New 30

If I see another headline make the claim that 40 is the new 30 I think my head might explode! How long will this headline rear its ugly head and be “a thing?” Are there no real journalists left in the world? What are they implying about being …

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