Midlife Self Care Ideas

Self Care For a New Decade

Edit: When I wrote this at the beginning of 2020 I had grand plans for ticking hiking bucket lists off. Who knew we’d be hit with months of a pandemic and quarantines! Self care and staying fit are even more important! The healthier you and your lungs are …

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Nobody is Coming to Save You

Midlife Finance Talk

“Someday My Prince Will Come” Did you grow up thinking there would always be someone to take care of you? Even though I’m the biggest Disney nerd, a steady diet of ‘the prince will always come save the princess’ might’ve skewed my desire to be independent. If your …

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Summer Finds at Target

Best Target Summer Finds

I’ve been on a low buy this year so I’ve been avoiding the two places that are my money sucking black holes…Target and Costco. I ventured back to Target after avoiding it for months and they’ve changed! Target has stepped up their game in healthy food (so happy …

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Sun Protection Tips

Top Sun Protection Tips

Did you know May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? With summer around the corner thoughts of vacation, laying poolside, and outdoor activities are filling everyone’s head. Well everyone except for me! I did enough damage in my youth and pretty much avoid the sun’s rays. I know it …

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How To Lighten Pigmentation

First of all, reducing hyperpigmentation will take a multi pronged approach to see best results. Patience and diligence will be your best friends. Remember your skin didnʼt get this way overnight and it doesn’t go away overnight. In a lightening routine youʼll want to prepare the skin, lighten, …

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